Egg Clutch from Bearded Dragons
(Pogona vitticeps)

These eggs are from April thru June of 1999. Abbi laid three clutches and we had
about 80 baby beardies hatch. The adult females bury their eggs and then have no
other interaction with the eggs or the babies. When the babies are born they dig
their way out of the sand and scurry off to the nearest tree. They are on their
own from then on.

Look Eggs!
there are more....
  This is when we were first digging out the eggs.
Notice the size of the quarter
We couldn't believe how many we were finding  

28 Eggs!
A total of twenty-eight eggs in the incubator

The incubator
The Proud Mama
    Although BD are not exactly maternal,
we thought Abbi would appreciate this picture